Sunday, 6 December 2015


I recently recorded a short interview with the Network of Wellbeing on why GDP is such a poor measure of economic wellbeing. The occasion was "Buy Nothing Day", the point being that many of the most valuable things in our lives don't come from a shop and don't involve the payment of money. But because GDP only measures money transactions the many unpaid activities that bring value into our lives are excluded from the measure of national prosperity.

It's with slight trepidation, therefore, that I propose a "shopping opportunity" for Christmas, in the form of Human Politics : Human Value at a special Christmas price of £9.99. By buying direct, however, the supply chain, the carbon footprint and the transactional waste is kept to a minimum. And since the book was thought about, researched, written, typeset and printed in the UK, all in all it is a relatively "eco" choice as Christmas presents go!

If you've read it yourself you'll know (I hope!) that it's offers an accessible insight into how the system that we've come to accept as "normal" in the economy is in fact disastrous for human and environmental wellbeing. When it comes to land ownership, trade and big business there are much better ways of organising the economy for our individual and collective good, as the book shows.

But that's not all: the book offers answers to some intriguing questions (How rich really was Mr Darcy?); includes a brief history of architecture (and the money that funds it) from the Sumerians to the Shard; has a chapter that has been described by a reader as "the best short analysis of the geo-politics of the post-war era" that they have ever read; and concludes with a powerful critique of a system of education severely compromised  by inappropriate and overly-narrow testing. In summary: there really is something for everybody not entirely contented with the way in which the human race arranges its affairs at present.

Order the book now at the Mindhenge Books website, for £9.99, with free UK p&p. Alternatively, a Kindle version is available here.

All best wishes for a peaceful and restful holiday season, when the moment comes...

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