About me

Picture credit:Christina Dithmar Photography
My expertise is in fixing things, and making them work. I've applied these skills in business and educational settings, helping to fix organisations that were in danger of losing their way. I've also been hands-on, fixing up old buildings, most notably in the second series of Grand Designs.

In between times I've written extensively on politics, the economy and related matters. A weekly series of longer pieces from 2003-04 can be found here.

Just now, the biggest mending project of them all is coming into sharp focus. The way we organise our economy and politics is undoubtedly broken, and in my book, Human Politics, Human Value, which was published in September 2014, I expose the broken parts and suggest some repairs.

I'm keen to talk about the issues surrounding human politics, the transactional economy and the key question of how we achieve real, human value through economic activity. So I'm open to invitations and suggestions leading to speaking opportunities. I don't normally expect a fee; I'll be happy if I can cover my travel costs!

Feel free to contact me at martin.whitlock@humanpolitics.org.